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Our Mission:

We love what we do.

And that's communicating and connecting,

delivering excellent work, and helping good companies

and the good people behind them achieve great things. 


We Set Out to Create a Different Kind of Agency.

Over the course of our careers, we've hired agencies. Worked with agencies. And even worked inside agencies. 

We grew tired of substandard work. Exorbitant fees. Work that was artistic and beautiful—but came nowhere close to meeting the client's needs.

So, we set out to create the agency we always wished we'd worked with—one where the work is always excellent, the thinking is always smart and strategic, the advice is always honest, pricing is always fair, and where every member of the team cares about each client's business as if it were our own.

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Our Story



During his distinguished career in law enforcement in his home country of South Africa, Co-Founder Brian Hoffman discovered a love of public relations while assigned to lead positive police/community PR initiatives. Later, while working security detail for President Nelson Mandela's foreign delegations, he became well-versed in high-level event and logistics planning. After working in the U.K. for a decade, he relocated to the United States to continue providing PR, event and logistics services to distinguished clientele. 

Meanwhile, across the globe in the United States, Co-Founder Jennifer Krempin Bridgman (JKB) was beginning her career in journalism, corporate communications and PR. Her early career started writing for weekly newspapers and print magazines, working in the Media/PR department of a Fortune 500 financial services organization and leading internal communications for one of the nation's largest pediatric hospitals. She would go on to attend law school and work as a marketing director for several regional and global law firms before starting her own marketing/communications consulting firm.



In 2018, Brian and Jennifer had a chance meeting in Dallas while supporting a large event for a mutual client. They discovered many common interests and values: a natural talent for public relations and communications, a heart for people, a passion for entrepreneurship,  and a spirit for giving back.

They put their talents and ideas together, and later that year, MC500 was born. 

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Our Work in The Press

Much of our work is done quietly behind the scenes for our clients, so you wouldn't necessarily know we had a hand in achieving the results.  Here are a few of the media outlets where you've seen our work recently appear.

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