"[The team has] the unique ability to quickly understand your company and its' communications needs...I am always amazed at the vision, creativity, drive and thoroughness."

​"Creative, flexible, detail oriented, and collaborative...always a pleasure to work with." 

​“You added that extra touch our business was needing. We sure do appreciate the innovation your team showed in engaging with potential customers.”

“I knew (MC500) made great-looking promo cars, but I couldn’t connect that to direct sales. Once I saw the team in action, though, it became clear: The car catches attention and the team builds the connection. Well over half of our booth traffic was thanks to the car and the team. If you want to dominate an event, this is the team for you!” 

"Your media car is the buzz of the convention. Everyone is talking about it!"

"The MC500 street team really makes a point to talk with everyone and connect with them on a personal level. They love people and it shows!"

"Wow! Bravo to you! Your team was absolutely amazing."